Computer Tailored Interventions

Facilitated by: Hein de Vries, Matthijs Eggers and Daniela Schulz (Maastricht University).
The goal of this workshop was to learn and to apply basic principles of computer tailoring. As the theoretical framework we used an integration of social cognitive models - such as social learning theory, theory of planned behavior, health belief model – referred to as the Integrated Model of Behavior Change, or the I-Change Model. We employed a special software package, the Tailored Health Builder. We worked in small groups of 4-5 people and developed brief computer tailored interventions.
Specific objectives of the workshop were:
  • to learn the basic principles of setting up tailored interventions;
  • to learn the basic principles of developing tailoring algorithms;
  • to develop a small computer tailored intervention;
  • to pilot and evaluate the computer tailored intervention.
Health in context