Internet-based Health Psychology Interventions: Maximising their Potential

The Workshop at a Glance

The SYNERGY annual workshop is organised to provide an opportunity for discussion between health psychologists conducting research in core fields within health psychology. The focus is on advancing the standard of work within the field by pooling expertise, sharing critical evaluations, and stimulating networking and collaborative research between researchers from all over Europe in an informal and supportive atmosphere. It is also an opportunity for researchers to present their research for discussion in depth with other experts working in the same field in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Internet-based health psychology interventions are set to play an increasingly important role in health psychology, because of a number of advantages they offer over traditional methods of delivering interventions. Currently delivered principally over the web, internet-based interventions will increasingly be accessible through mobile phones, interactive digital TV etc. However, despite the potential of internet-based interventions, and many examples of successful individual interventions, there is no clear evidence yet that they are reliably effective. This year’s SYNERGY workshop will provide an opportunity to bring together experienced and more novice researchers in this fast developing field to consider the theoretical and applied potential of internet-based interventions, critically examine their limitations and how these might be overcome, and share experiences of what methods seem to be more or less successful when using this rapidly evolving technology. The workshop will address three key topics:

  • What are the implications of advances in information technology for the future of health psychology interventions?
  • How can psychological theory best be used in the development of internet-based interventions?
  • How can internet-based interventions help to motivate and sustain desired behaviour?

This year’s workshop will be facilitated by: Prof Lucy Yardley, University of Southampton, UK; Prof Pål Kraft, University of Oslo, Norway; Prof Stephen Sutton, University of Cambridge, UK. Facilitators will guide the work, support and moderate the discussion.

The workshop fee is £185 (approximately EUR 241). This includes breakfasts, lunches, refreshments, wine reception and a workshop dinner. En-suite accommodation is available on campus for approximately £45 (EUR 60) per night.

Note that the EHPS is offering 2 grants to those who want to attend the SYNERGY workshop but do not have sufficient financial resources. Each grant will be 500 Euros. Participants from the countries listed as eligible for reduced fees (available on the EHPS registration website) will have priority for the grants.

The workshop will be held at the University of Bath.

The workshop will be held in English language.