Moving Research into Practice: Novel Health Psychology Approaches to Implementation Science


Conference Venue (Via Ugo Bassi, University of Padova), Italy; 28th & 29th August 2017

Facilitators: Dr Molly Byrne (National University of Ireland, Galway) and Dr Justin Presseau (University of Ottawa)

Regular fee: €250

Reduced fee: €150 (for all participants working in countries that are ranked low income or lower middle income. For a list of eligible countries click on the following link: worldbank ranking)

Please apply here: Application Form (Application deadline: 14.05.2017)


Expert meeting description:

Implementation Science is a multidisciplinary field of research focused on understanding how to move research evidence into routine healthcare (Eccles & Mittman, 2006). As is the case with many fields and across many countries, Health Psychology generates a tremendous amount of research evidence, with systematic reviews now highlighting effective Health Psychology-based interventions for promoting behavior change and for improving health processes and outcomes. However, it is not clear to what extent this evidence is being implemented into routine care to benefit and impact patients and populations. There is a real opportunity to draw upon the insights developed within Implementation Science to inform the development and evaluation of interventions to implement effective Health Psychology-based interventions. Implementation Science also draws upon theories and methods across a range of disciplines, including Health Psychology, to inform understanding and promoting the uptake of scientific evidence into health services to improve health. There is a real opportunity for novel theoretical and methodological insights developed within Health Psychology to further contribute to developing the still nascent field of Implementation Science

This Synergy expert meeting aims to bring together health psychologists with experience in implementation research to directly consider the further potential relationship between Implementation Science and Health Psychology. More specifically, we aim to:

  1. take stock of the current state of Implementation Science and what Health Psychology is currently contributing to the field of Implementation Science,
  2. use the experiences and expertise of participants to identify the unique challenges relevant to implementation of Health Psychology interventions, and
  3. generate solutions to these challenges.

Format of the expert meeting:

Day 1 (am): Introductions from participants and presentations on participants’ experiences of health psychology and implementation science – 5 minute presentations, with optional slides (max 5)

Day 1 (pm): What can Health Psychology contribute to Implementation Science?

Day 2 (am): What can Implementation Science contribute to Health Psychology?

Day 2 (pm): Focus on outputs; Discussion around strategies to promote longer term collaborations between meeting participants within the EHPS, and promote networks in Health Psychology Implementation Science, including discussion of possible international funding opportunities.


We aim to produce two outputs: one paper targeting Health Psychologists and one targeting an Implementation Science audience