Moving Research into Practice: Novel Health Psychology Approaches to Implementation Science

Padua, Italy; 28th & 29th August 2017

Facilitators: Dr Molly Byrne (National University of Ireland, Galway) and Dr Justin Presseau (University of Ottawa)

Regular fee: €250

Reduced fee: €150 (for all participants working in countries that are ranked low income or lower middle income. For a list of eligible countries click on the following link: worldbank ranking)

Implementation science was first introduced as a track topic to the EHPS Annual Conference Programme in 2016. Based on the success of this initiative and growing interest more broadly in implementation science within health science research, this Synergy expert meeting aims to:

a)     take stock of the current state of implementation science,

b)     use the experiences and expertise of participants to identify the unique challenges relevant to implementation of health psychology interventions, and

c)     generate solutions to these challenges.

In addition, the group will work collaboratively to develop a roadmap for the development of implementation science priorities within health psychology.

Envisaged outputs include a position paper for dissemination to health psychology and implementation science audiences.

In keeping with the overall goals of SYNERGY, this expert meeting is intended for senior researchers (at a minimum holding a doctoral degree, ideally also with at least two years’ post-doctoral research experience) and/or individuals who have demonstrated experience and expertise in implementing their research into practice. Participants will be invited to engage in brief preparatory work to feed into the process of the expert meeting, and therefore should be able to draw on experiences from their own research. 


Innovative Ideas in Health Psychology
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Monday, August 28, 2017 to Tuesday, August 29, 2017