Research Methods in Health Psychology

The workshop was facilitated by John Weinman, Kavita Vedhara and Rona Moss-Morris. The workshop facilitators with their outstanding academic and teaching skills provided the participants with the opportunity to explore the use of different research methods in health psychology. It will draw on different research areas including illness perceptions, psychoneuroimmunology, and interventions in chronic illness as a way of providing examples of diverse areas of research. The work was mainly done in small groups, which allowed participants to consider and apply different research methods for answering different types of research question in health psychology. This year, participants were also asked to share their work in progress with the rest of the group to stimulate the exchange of ideas and expertise within the group and foster future collaboration among the participants.
The workshop took place on the three days (29 September-1 October 2002) preceding the EHPS conference in Lisbon (2-5 October 2002). The workshop venue was the holiday village Inatel in Oeiras, which is located 16 kilometres outside of Lisbon on the Atlantic coast.
Health Through the Life Cycle: A Life Span Perspective