Research Problem-Solving and Writing/Publishing Workshop

CREATE organised a workshop prior to the 8th annual conference of the EHPS in Florence, Italy, on September 29-30, 1999.
There were two sessions: The first session was about general research problem solving skills, under supervision of Prof. Marie Johnston of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. The second session was a writing and publishing workshop under supervision of Prof. Charles S. Carver of the University of Miami.

Session 1: Research Problem Solving

In this part of the course, research problems of the students most representative of problems in health psychology research were discussed, and solutions were offered. Before entering the course, participants were asked to write a short paper on their current research and the most important problems they encountered. This session was highly interactive: Students were offered an opportunity to ask questions about problems they encountered in their research. They performed problem-solving exercises in small groups.
Prof. Marie Johnston is a leading researcher in European health psychology. She is former president of the EHPS, and co-editor of Psychology & Health. For more information on Prof. Johnston's work see her website.

Session 2: Writing and Publishing Scientific Health Psychology Articles

The purpose of this session was to provide information on issues regarding publishing in English language scientific journals, and to teach participants basic skills for writing scientific papers. Prof. Carver showed which are the most important characteristics of health psychology articles that get published in good journals. He also did some writing and critical reading exercises to demonstrate the nature of the skills necessary to produce a good article. Students were asked to prepare an exercise before entering the course.
Prof. Charles S. Carver is a highly acclaimed scholar and author, and is associate editor of the APA journal for Health Psychology. He teaches at the University of Miami, Florida, USA. For more information on Prof. Carver's work see his website.
Workshop slides on Professional Writing - This document was used as a handout for the CREATE Workshop on Professional Writing, supervised by Prof. Charles S. Carver. This document is available to download below and for informational purposes only.
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