A number of resources are collected on this page that may be useful to early career researchers.

The National Centre for Research Methods held a number of short video 'what is' intro sessions in 2012 covering:

Analytic induction, cohort studies, community studies, discourse analysis, electronic data collection methods, event history analysis, geosimulation, multilevel modelling, multimodality, narrative interviewing, online research, propensity score matching, qualitative research ethics, regression discontiunity approach, social network analysis, web 3.0/crowdsourcing.


Conveying your research succinctly yet CREATE-ively can be a challenge. Below are two examples contributed by Jorinde Spook, who won the EHPS poster prize twice for her efforts.



Monitoring and Improving Quality of Data Handling - This document contains very useful guidelines for aspects of data handling before and after data collection (coding, checking, entry, cleaning, and analysing).

This document is issued courtesy of the Psychology and Genetics Research Group, Guy's Hospital, London. It is a working document, meant for informational purposes. Please contact the author David French if you have comments for improving and/or expanding the scope of this document.

A guide for writing with some subtle but useful tips: