Social relationships and health: Collaborative and dyadic approaches

The 14th Synergy Expert Meeting (EM) takes place directly before the EHPS annual conference. It aims to advance the standard of work within health psychology by pooling expertise, sharing critical evaluations, and stimulating networking and collaborative research between researchers in an informal and supportive atmosphere. Thus, the delegates play an active role in the discussions and the sharing of expertise, and therefore should be able to contribute to the meeting.

Why should I attend this year's EM?

The 2016 Synergy EM aims to survey the state of the art of research on close relationships and health regarding theory, design, and statistical models in observational and intervention research. In compiling the relevant questions and existing evidence the EM will move the field of research on social relationships and health forward. As final outcome of the EM, facilitators and delegates will compose and co-author a consensus-based position paper. We especially welcome senior researchers with substantial experience in conducting studies in close relationships and health, to join the EM.

Where and how to participate?

This year’s Synergy EM will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of August 2016 in Aberdeen, Scotland. To apply please complete and submit your application following the instructions at this link:

Financial support

There is one grant available for attendance at the Synergy EM. This grant is not restricted to junior researchers. Senior researchers, which are Synergy’s target population, are especially encouraged to apply as well in the case of financial need. See: for further details.


Apply for the Expert Meeting by 30th April 2016 20th May 2016

Apply for Synergy grant by 13rd May 2016 20th May 2016