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Court of Appeal Oradea
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Roman Ciorogariu, nr.12
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My interests are: cognitive behavior therapy and family therapy - I have individual practice as psychotherapist in systemic family therapy and Cognitive behavior therapy; I am working with families in court proceeding and i work on custody evaluation for the court. I published in Romania a few research about emotional distress on children from divorced families, and i wish to continue my research in this domain because in our country there are very few studies. This project implies judges, profesionals, and the goals are to inform and create a program for families in divorce because first of all is about an individual and public health matter. Another aditional area of interest regards stress and coping skills on children from divorce families who deal with the stress of parental separation regards children�s adjustment following divorce - Risk factors and resilience perspectives.On the other hand I am interested in occupational stress on workplace because as psychologist in a institution as Court of justice I am confronted with different profesionals from justice system.


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