A B O U T 


Collaborative REsearch And Training in the EHPS (CREATE) is a subdivision of the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), promoting education and collaboration for early career researchers working in the field of health psychology.
CREATE aims to play a significant role in increasing research cooperation between European countries. We try to attain these goals by facilitating further collaborative health psychology research among young researchers and ensuring the development and functioning of a research-support network. More specifically, CREATE has the following objectives:
  • To organize training workshops on specific topics of interest identified by the participants of the network.
  • To create a resource/support network for junior researchers interested in the field of health psychology in Europe. Participants of this network will have the opportunity to identify common research interests and problem areas, report on the progress of their work and receive feedback.



CREATE is a network of participants who are willing to communicate with each other and offer help whenever they can.
Participation in activities of CREATE is open to any doctoral or post-doctoral researcher working in the field of health psychology. To attend the workshops organised by CREATE, participants are required to become EHPS-Members.


CREATE invites candidates to register as participants and specify their area of study, affiliation, research interests, and a short description of their current project. Please click here to register.
We also have a facebook page and group.


To promote the achievement of its goals, CREATE is aiming at engaging in the following activities:


CREATE organises interactive workshops each year. Prominent experts within the field of health psychology are invited to teach these workshops. The overall aim of these workshops is to enhance knowledge and skills of participants. Topics are current topics in health psychology theory and research, but also more practical issues like the process of submitting papers to journals, methodological issues, advances in literature databases, and oral presentation.


CREATE will encourage research, particularly of a collaborative nature, in contemporary and future health psychology topics, by helping to develop an informal network with which researchers can discuss research ideas. CREATE aims to facilitate the development of a supportive peer-group of research psychologists, who will be able to offer encouragement, and discuss a variety of research issues. These include problems related to study design, translation issues, methodological concerns, health service organisation, and specific cultural differences that might influence the outcome of cross-cultural research.