A P P L I C A T I O N / N O M I N A T I O N

Application/nomination procedure for the Stan Maes Early Career Awards and Herman Schaalma Awards

When to apply

A call for the Stan Maes Early Career and Herman Schaalma Award applications will be placed on the EHPS website and drawn to the attention of all members in the last quarter of the year.  Please note that an application can only be submitted for one award either, Stan Maes Early Career or Herman Schaalma and not for both awards.

Remember the deadline

The deadline for applications is 31st October.

How to apply or nominate another member

Carefully check the list of criteria which will be used for selecting awardees:

Complete a Stan Maes Early Career Award Application form or Herman Schaalma Application form:


What happens next

The completed application form with the required documents in support of the application and full Curriculum Vitae (CV) must be sent to the EHPS Administrator by the deadline, 31st October. An e-mail will be sent to you confirming receipt and completeness of your application.

The EHPS President-Elect will convene and chair a committee to consider the applications.

The President-Elect will send the applications to each committee member for independent review. The committee will then discuss the candidates and agree award decisions.

The winners!

The winners will be contacted by the President-Elect and invited to attend the EHPS Conference free of charge where the award will be formally announced.  Each award winner will receive a certificate confirming their award.  The winners will be given the opportunity to give an oral presentation about their work during the conference.