A P P L I C A T I O N   P R O C E D U R E   F O R   E H P S   F E L L O W S H I P 


Any EHPS member wishing to apply or to nominate another member for EHPS Fellowship should follow the procedure outlined below.

  • Before making an application, you should check the criteria for EHPS Fellow status.
  • If you feel that you (or the person you are nominating) meet the criteria for Fellow status, then the following must be returned completed by October 31st each year:
  1. application/nomination form
  2. referee form
  3. CV of the applicant/nominee
  4. Photograph of applicant (jpeg file; this is kept by the EHPS Administrator and is not included in the documents used by the Committee in the decision process).


(i) A call for Fellowship applications will be placed on the EHPS website and drawn to the attention of all members.

(ii) Any individual wishing to apply or nominate another member for Fellow status should complete an EHPS Fellow Application form and referee form, these can be downloaded from the EHPS website: application/nomination form and referee form. They should also consult the list of criteria which will be used for electing Fellows.

(iii) The completed application form, referee form, full Curriculum Vitae (CV) and photograph of applicant must be sent to the EHPS Administrator by October 31st for their application to be considered prior to the next Members Meeting. The EHPS Administrator will check that the applicant stands up to the formal membership criteria and will then forward all the applications to the Chair of the Fellowship Committee. Applications submitted past the deadline will be considered for the next year.

(iv) The Chair of the Fellowship Committee will send all the applications to each committee member in order to agree on the choice of two or more referees for each applicant. The nominated referees will be sent the application form and CV.

(v) A copy of all the applications and referees’ reports will be sent to each committee member, who will be asked to cast a yes/no vote for each applicant in a secret ballot.

(vi) In order to be considered, each applicant will need to obtain at least 75% of the committee votes. If any candidate does not have at least 75% support (6 votes), the Fellowship Committee will meet or hold a teleconference or an online discussion to consider that application and decide on whether s/he should be recommended for the award of Fellow.

(vii) The Fellowship Committee does not consider appeals from candidates who have not been elected. Reapplications are possible after three years and will be reviewed as a new application.

(viii) The names of the applicants who will be awarded EHPS Fellowship will be formally announced at the opening ceremony of the next EHPS conference. Each new Fellow will be presented with a certificate confirming their award of EHPS Fellow.

(ix) Following the award of Fellowship, Fellows will be able to designate their status with the letters ‘FEHPS’ after their name.