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National Associations:

The Australasian Society of Behavioural Health and Medicine (ASBHM)

The ASBHM is the largest organization that includes Health Psychology in Australia, and holds an annual conference in Australia/NZ. The scope of behavioural health and medicine extends from research efforts to understand basic brain-body mechanism interactions; explorations of clinical diagnoses, the development, conduct and evaluation of interventions; to undertaking public health disease-prevention and health-promotion strategies. The ASBHM supports this definition, and aims to serve the needs of all health-related disciplines concerned with the integration of behavioural and biomedical sciences.

Activities of the ASBHM
The ASBHM hold an annual scientific conference in either Australia or New Zealand. The most recent conference of the ASBHM was held in February 2015, in Perth. In 2016, the ASBHM is hosting the International Congress of Behavioural Medicine in Melbourne, Victoria. The ASBHM also has a strong focus on research opportunities, mentoring and innovations for students and its early career members. They regularly organize subsidized workshops, mentoring sessions, social activities, and advertise research and job opportunities.

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Australian Psychological Society College of Health Psychologists

The Australian Psychological Society also has a College of Health Psychologists (formed in 1996), with approximately 488 members nationally. Their vision is to advance excellence in knowledge and practice relevant to health promotion and clinical health psychology.

Activities of the APS College of Health Psychologists
The APS College of Health Psychologists host a bi-annual conference in Australia. The most recent conference was titled ‘Facilitating health behaviour change and maintenance’ and was held in Sydney, New South Wales. The APS College of Health Psychologists also organizes regular networking events and workshops.

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Education, training and professionalisation:

Undergraduate Training: Many Undergraduate degrees in Australia offer a blend of health science and psychology, which can lead into coursework, research or professional training in health psychology, including:

•    The University of Newcastle in NSW
•    Deakin University in Victoria
•    Swinburne Univeristy
•    The University of Adelaide in South Australia
•    Federation University Australia
•    Macquarie University

Masters in Health Psychology: Accredited Masters-level training in Health Psychology is also offered at some universities, including:
–    University of Newcastle (
–    The University of Queensland (
–    The University of Adelaide (

Masters/Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with Health Psychologist endorsement: Students enrolled in a Master/Doctorate of Clinical Psychology can choose to undergo specialized training in health psychology settings.  Masters and/or Doctorate level training is currently offered by 38 tertiary institutions.

Note: some universities offer blended Masters programs, such as the Master of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Newcastle in NSW

MSc / PhD: Individuals looking to complete Higher Degree Research either through a MSc or PhD can do so where there is a supervisor who specializes in Health Psychology.

In Australia, the title of Health Psychologist is protected by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). Individuals with approved training in these areas can seek endorsement with the Psychology Board of Australia as a Health Psychologist (see


–    Health Promotion Journal of Australia (
–    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health (
There are a number of research groups around Australia dedicated to health psychology research. These include:
Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine Research Group associated with Curtin University ( This group is directed by Professor Martin Hagger (Curtin University) and comprises world class researchers in the health psychology field.
Centre for Medical Psychology & Evidence-Based Decision-Making at the University of Sydney ( This is a cross-faculty multidisciplinary research group that focuses on psycho-oncology and shared decision making. It is co-directed by Professor Phyllis Butow (School of Psychology, University of Sydney), Professor Martin Tattersall (Central Clinical School, University of Sydney) and Associate Professor Kirsten McCaffery (School of Public Health, University of Sydney)
The Priority Research Centre for Health Behaviour (CHB) at Newcastle University ( This group is led by Professor John Wiggers, and brings together a number of separate research groups (including groups from primary health and epidemiology)
The Health Behaviour Research Group at Newcastle University (