Synergy board vacant positions:

Treasurer, Evaluation & Dissemination Officer, and Engagement Officer

Synergy is a subdivision of the European Health Psychology Society. Synergy organises an annual Expert Meeting providing an opportunity for synergistic discussion between health psychologists conducting research in core fields within health psychology. The focus of the Synergy Expert Meetings is on advancing the standard of work within the field by pooling expertise, sharing critical evaluations, and stimulating networking and collaborative research between expert researchers from all over Europe and overseas in an informal and supportive atmosphere. Most Synergy board members are early/mid-career postdoctoral researchers.

The benefits of becoming a SYNERGY board member are:

  • Being part of a dynamic community of researchers organising meetings for world leading Health Psychology experts
  • Contributing to the European Health Psychology Society as an active and engaged member
  • Developing organising and team working skills while working with Synergy board members and other leading experts
  • Social aspects of networking with other researchers involved in the organization of CREATE, Synergy, and the European Health Psychology Society Executive Boards



The Synergy treasurer is responsible for all financial matters related to Synergy’s activities.

In particular, the tasks of the Synergy treasurer are:

  • Directing, tracking, and keeping records of all financial transactions overtaken by Synergy
  • Keeping proper accounts of the finances of Synergy
  • Keeping financial records throughout the year, to be presented to the SYNERGY board, the EHPS EC and the auditors
  • Being available for consultations on financial records
  • Ensuring that all funds raised on behalf of Synergy or granted to Synergy are applied solely to matters following the aims of Synergy

Although the Synergy account is located at the Deutsche Bank (Konstanz, Germany), it can be remotely accessed in German and English language. Therefore, no German language skills are needed.


Evaluation & Dissemination Officer

The Synergy Evaluation and Dissemination Officer (EDO) is responsible for evaluating the Synergy Expert Meetings and EHPS Pre-Conference Workshops and disseminating the results to facilitate quality improvement. Second, you liaise with Easy Conferences to maintain the Synergy website and mailing list.

Tasks of Synergy Evaluation and Dissemination Officer:

  • Create a digital flyer for the upcoming Expert Meeting.
  • Maintain and disseminate the Expert Meeting registration form.
  • Advertise Expert Meeting via the EHPS website, newsletter, and social media.
  • Write the evaluation report of the Synergy Expert Meeting and Pre-Conference Workshops.
  • Share Expert Meeting evaluation in the Annual Report to the EHPS and share Pre-Conference Workshop evaluations with workshop facilitators.
  • Maintain Synergy website and mailing list.

Requirements of Synergy Evaluation and Dissemination Officer:

  • Good working knowledge of Google Applications (e.g., Gmail and Forms).
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • (Option) Basic knowledge of maintaining a Word Press website.

Note. Most website related tasks are carried out by Easy Conferences, but the EDO would be expected to update some basic information on the Synergy Website (e.g., updating list of Board Members and outputs).


Engagement Officer

The Engagement Officer (EO) is the first contact person for delegates of the SYNERGY Expert Meeting (EM). The EO oversees the Synergy email account and all EM related communication with delegates (communication with EM facilitators is done by the Chairperson of SYNERGY). The EO will also be on the EHPS Special Interest Groups (SIG) leading committee.

Tasks of Synergy Engagement Officer are:

  • Recruitment of participants for the EM by sending information to the Synergy networks
  • Overseeing the application procedures of the EMs
  • All communication with and providing information for participants of the EMs
  • Production of the delegates’ information pack
  • Communication with and providing information for SIG chairs

This role requires good communication skills.

The successful applicants of the Treasurer and Evaluation and Dissemination Officer post will shadow the current position holder, if available shadowing preferably starts from January 2021. Their term time will commence immediately after the EHPS conference in 2021.

The successful applicant for the Engagement Officer will commence immediately due to a current vacancy. Guidance and instruction will off course be available.


Information on Synergy

Being a Synergy board member includes tasks such as organizing the annual Synergy Expert Meeting, participating in the Winter Board Meeting (one day in the event of an online conference, one weekend in the event of a physical conference, each year in January or February), preferably attending the Synergy Summer Board Meeting and AGM at the EHPS conference, participating in ad-hoc online meetings/communications, and contributing to the planning of future activities to promote Synergy’s aims. Most Synergy board members are early/mid-career postdoctoral researchers. The Synergy board strives for diversity among its members regarding gender, background, and country of employment.

Board members are expected to serve for a minimum of one term (2 years) and can serve for a maximum of two terms (excluding the shadowing period).

All current board members can be reached for informal inquiry and would be delighted to tell you more about our work. Please see the Synergy website for a list of current Synergy board members at /synergy/board.


The deadline for applications is 20 December 2020.

Please express your interest by sending a brief motivation letter to Anne van Dongen (Synergy Chair) at indicating why you would be a good candidate for the position (100 to 300 words).

If there is more than one eligible application, there will be voting process among the current and past Synergy Board members to select one candidate. Your brief motivation letter will be used for this voting procedure.

Thank you and kind regards,

Anne van Dongen

On behalf of the Synergy Board