Synergy Membership Officer

General role description:

The Membership & Application Officer (MAO) is the first contact person for prospective and accepted delegates of the Synergy Expert Meeting (EM). The MAO is in charge of communication with the attendees through the Synergy email account ( and all EM related communication with applicants and delegates.

The benefits of becoming a Synergy board member:

  • Being part of a dynamic community of researchers organising meetings with and for world leading Health Psychology experts
  • Contributing to the European Health Psychology Society as an active and engaged member
  • Developing organising and team working skills while working with Synergy board members and other leading experts
  • Social aspects of networking with other researchers involved in the organization of CREATE, Synergy, and the European Health Psychology Society Executive Board

The successful applicant for the MAO position should be available to shadow the current MAO in the run-up to the Expert Meeting and conference during the month of August to acquaint themselves with the role (there will be no allocated duties until the start of the term). The term commences after the EHPS conference in Dubrovnik 2019. The MAO should be available for the period of at least two, but preferably three years, and is expected to attend the annual Synergy winter board meeting (a weekend in January or February). Expenses for the winter meeting will be covered. It is highly appreciated if the MAO attends the annual EHPS conferences, to join the Synergy Annual General Meeting and the Synergy Board Meeting (both during the EHPS conference).

Information on Synergy:
Synergy is a subdivision of the European Health Psychology Society. Synergy organises an annual Expert Meeting providing an opportunity for synergistic discussion between health psychologists conducting research in core fields within health psychology. The focus of the Synergy Expert Meetings is on advancing the standard of work within the field by pooling expertise, sharing critical evaluations, and stimulating networking and collaborative research between expert researchers from all over Europe and overseas in an informal and supportive atmosphere. Being a Synergy board member includes tasks such as organizing the annual Synergy Expert Meeting, participating in the Winter Board Meeting in a selected European location, attending the Synergy Summer Board Meeting and AGM at the EHPS conference, participating in ad-hoc online meetings/communications, and contributing to the planning of
future activities to promote Synergy’s aims. Most Synergy board members are early/ midcareer postdoctoral researchers. Board members are expected to serve for a minimum of one term (2 years) for a maximum of two terms (excluding the shadowing period). As the Synergy board strives after diversity among its members, especially people with an affiliation in different European countries but preferably not in the UK (as we already have three board members based there) are encouraged to apply for the post. Please see the Synergy website for a list of current Synergy board members at All current board members can be reached for informal inquiry and would be happy to tell you more about our work. For more information about the role, current Membership Officer Sanne van Lieshout can be reached via Please express your interest by sending a brief motivation letter to Dominika Kwasnicka (Synergy Chair) at indicating why you would be a good candidate for the position (200 to 300 words). If there is more than one eligible applicant there will be an online voting process among the Synergy members to select one candidate. Your application text (motivation letter) will be used for this voting procedure. The deadline for applications 12th April 2019.