Health Psychology does not exist yet as a discipline on its own right now in Cyprus and there are no specific training programs until today. There are several institutions that have included it in their curricula as a course. The trained Health Psychologists (only a handful) in Cyprus have studied and specialized abroad. Yet no congresses or other venue regarding Health Psychology took place in Cyprus.

National Associations:

Health Psychologists (professionals, researchers etc) are members of the Cyprus Psychology Association which was formed in 1980, from 21 psychologists.

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Education, training and professionalisation:

In Cyprus, Health Psychology courses are offered by most Universities under the programs of Psychology or Nursing. But there are no Master Degrees or access to a specific training in Health Psychology in any of the Universities. Thus, a common base for training and practice parameters among EU countries will be greatly beneficial in setting the stage for improvement in Cyprus in this field.

Only recently (2010) the Department of Psychology at the University of Cyprus has formed a PhD in Clinical Psychology but not in Clinical Health Psychology.


Research in the field of Health Psychology, Health promotion and Social Health Psychology is primarily done by individual Health Psychology researchers and academics who mostly received EU Fundings. There are on going projects right now in Cyprus regarding Obesity in young Children and the psychosocial parameters involved in obesity, self-regulation in nurses and patients’ satisfaction etc. There are several publications by Cypriot Health Psychologists in European and International Health Psychology Journals, but there is still long way to go.