State versus trait: validating state assessment of child and parental catastrophic thinking about child pain

  • H. Durand
  • K. Birnie
  • M. Noel
  • T. Vervoort
  • L. Goubert
  • K. Boerner
  • C. Chambers
  • L. Caes


Background: Significant associations have been found between parents’ catastrophic thinking about their child’s pain and child disability. Studies have interchangeably used trait and state versions of catastrophic thinking measures without exploring the relative merit of or associations between these. The aim of this study is to validate state versions of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale for parents (PCS-P) and children (PCS-C), and examine associations between these and ratings of child pain. Methods: Using a retrospective cohort design, secondary analysis will be conducted on archival data from 11 studies (children: N=1289; parents: N=1159). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses will be conducted to explore and cross-validate the factor structure of state PCS-P/PCS-C. Hierarchical multiple regression will be used to explore associations between state and trait PCS-P/PCS-C and child pain intensity, anxiety, and disability. Expected Results: State PCS-P/PCS-C scores will provide information that is distinct from trait PCS-P/PCS-C scores for child pain-related outcomes. Current Stage: Data synthesis is currently underway. Discussion: Findings will illuminate the importance of multidimensional assessment of pain catastrophising, and provide a basis for robust measurement of state pain catastrophising.
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