G R A N T  A W A R D E E S


A list of previous grant awardees is provided here, with information on the successful projects (where applicable).

Please note, that this list will not be updated anymore. Recent information on awardees can be found on the EHPS website under grant winners.



CREATE Workshop Grant: Ana Maria Popescu (Romania)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Eliza Ivanova (Bulgaria)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Angela Bearth (Switzerland)



CREATE Workshop Grant: Cristina Godinho (Portugal)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Marcela Penta (Romania)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Maryam Gholami (Germany)

Visiting Scholar Grant: Nadine Berndt (Netherlands)

  • Nadine proposed to investigate the cost effectiveness of 2 smoking cessation counseling methods for coronary heart disease patients. Full report here.

Visiting Scholar Grant: Hester Trompetter (Netherlands)

  • Hester proposed to look at Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with chronic pain patients.

Tandem Grant: Justin Presseau (UK) and Josanne Huijg (Netherlands)

  • Justin and Josanne aimed to identify determinants of healthcare professionals’ evidence-based behaviours to develop theory and understand the implementation of high quality care into routine primary care practice. Full report here.

Tandem Grant: Lena Fleig (Germany) and Daniela Schulz (Netherlands).

  • Lena and Daniela proposed a Web-based Physical Activity Intervention Delivered by Tailored Mobile Phone Short Text Messages: A Randomized Controlled Trial among German and Dutch Adults.



CREATE Workshop Grant: Sebastian C. Wagner (Germany)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Evelyn Tsiga (Greece)




CREATE Workshop Grant: Amy Brogan (Ireland)

Visiting Scholar Grant: Asimina Lazaridou (Greece)

  • Visited Dr. Ellen Langer at Harvard University, USA, to develop an intervention on mindful learning in medical students. Full report here.

Visiting Scholar Grant: Ingrid Rowlands (Australia)

  • Visited Dr. Maggie Redshaw at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford, UK, to investigate the physical and psychological outcomes of different modes of childbirth. Full report here.

Visiting Scholar Grant: Leeat Granek (Canada)

Visiting Scholar Grant: Adriana Banozic (Croatia)

  • Visited Prof. Jessie Dezutter at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, to investigate social contextual factors contributing to chronic pain. Full report here.

Visiting Scholar Grant: Kasia Banas (UK)

  • Visited Prof. John de Wit at the National Centre in HIV Social Research, University of New South Wales, Australia, to explore the relationship between identity and food behaviours. Full report here.

Visiting Scholar Grant: Katerina Kassavou (Greece)

  • Visited Prof. Kerry Chamberlain at Massey University, New Zealand, to develop an understanding of ‘walk-along’ methods in qualitative research. Full report here



CREATE Workshop Grant: Kyra Hamilton (Australia)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Gemma Battagliese (Italy)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Amy Brogan (Ireland)

Visiting Scholar Grant: Maartje Van Stralen (Netherlands)

Visiting Scholar Grant: Lisa Mellon (Ireland)

  • Visited Dr. Susanne Wurm and Dr. Benjamin Schüz at the German Centre of Gerontology, Berlin, Germany, to investigate points of mutual interest and potential for collaboration between the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) and the German Ageing Survey. Full report here

Tandem Grant: Lisa Warner (Germany) and Keegan Knittle (Netherlands)

Tandem Grant: Theda Radtke (Switzerland) and Daphne Kaklamanou (UK)



CREATE Workshop Grant: Diana Tuat (Romania)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Veronica Velasco (Italy)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Gudrun Sproesser (Germany)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Willemijn Vermeer (Netherlands)



CREATE Workshop Grant: Sahdia Parveen (UK)



CREATE Workshop Grant: Justin Pressau (UK)



No CREATE grants awarded



CREATE Workshop Grant: Amelie Wiedemann (Germany)

CREATE Workshop Grant: Anna Alexandrova (Bulgaria)