Meet The Expert


“Meet the Expert” is intended to promote research facilitation and interaction between scientists. In short, these are one-to-one or small group sessions where career researchers can discuss ideas, ask questions, and network with experts in the field in a friendly and relaxed environment. Typically, the experts are the EHPS conference keynote speakers, though there may be exceptions to this rule.
Previous experts:
Molly Byrne
Alex Rothman
Jill Francis
Yael Benyamini
Sherry Pagoto ( USA)
Fabio Lucidi ( Italy)
Rory O’Connor (Scotland)
Karina Davidson
Aleksandra Luszczynska
Marie Johnston
Ronan O’Carroll (UK)
Howard Friedman (USA)
JoAnne Dahl (Sweden)
Karen Rook (USA)
Suzanne Skevington (UK)
Ruut Veenhoven (The Netherlands)
Adrian Taylor (UK)

Mark Conner (UK)
Stan Maes (NL)
Niall Bolger (USA)
Crystal Park (USA)

Carol Ryff (US)
Kavita Vedhara (UK)
Charles Abraham (UK)
Johan Denollet (NL)
Christina Maslach (US)
Tracey Revenson (US)
Robbert Sanderman (NL)
Lucy Yardley (UK)
Michelle Fine (US)
Michael Murray (UK)
Suzanne Segerstrom (US)
Bas Verplanken (UK)
Linda Cameron (NZ)
Denise de Ridder (NL)
Robbert Sanderman (NL)
Paschal Sheeran (UK)
Lucy Yardley (UK)
Charles Abraham (UK)
Blair Johnson (US)
Ralf Schwarzer (DE)
Suzie Skevington (UK)
John Weinman (UK)
Michael Diefenbach (US)
Marie Johnston (UK)
Hannah McGee (IE)
Herman Schaalma (NL)
Wayne Velicer (US)
The consultation sessions are 30-minutes long and either one-on-one or in small groups. The consultations aim to respond to the needs of each participant and include the provision of advice on:
Research perspectives and ideas encouraging research originality
Issues relevant to study design such as research tools selection and outcome measures
Combining clinical practice with research and developing and combining interventions with research
Publishing in scientific journals
Important references and other materials
Applying for and securing funding
Feedback from previous years:
Feedback from previous years showed that these sessions substantially exceeded participants’ expectations. They found the sessions to be extremely useful, of high quality and ideal length. You will find some of their comments below:
‘… extremely valuable opportunity for young researchers … hope it goes on with more and more experts continuing to donate their valuable time to such a worthwhile course …’
‘… very interesting and fast-paced … particularly liked the one-to-one sessions … ‘
‘… Keep on doing them! …’
‘… Absolutely great talk with an amazing atmosphere …’