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Health Psychology first appeared in Spain in the 1970’s, a period during which there was enormous interest in the behavior modification approach. It quickly gained broad acceptance. Although it is undoubtedly true that many of the contributions made during this decade formed the foundations for the development of Health Psychology, and while much work was done that could be considered as related to this field, Health Psychology did not really come to be recognized as a separate and differentiated field in Spain until the 80th decade. Since 90’s courses in health psychology are taught to students of psychology, at many levels: graduate, postgraduate and doctoral.

Over the last two decades, Spanish Health Psychology has grown and expanded steadily and several research groups are now active, representing a range of theoretical approaches.

Spain hosted one EHPS Conference in Alicante (1995)

National Associations:

Health psychologists are represented in different societies in Spain such as Spanish Psychology Society, Division of Health Psychology; Spanish Society of Health Psychology; Spanish Society of Behavioural Medicine and Health Psychology.

Information on EHPS and its activities are regularly well announced and materials disseminated at all relevant Croatian psychology web-sites and conferences.

Different conferences have been organized in Spain and the field of health psychology has been well represented at these conferences.


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