S P E C I A L   I N T E R E S T   G R O U P S

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are groups of people that share a specific research interest in the EHPS. The EHPS subdivision Synergy aims to facilitate SIGs in their collaboration, for example by providing a list of facilities on the internet that can facilitate collaboration in a SIG. Please read the guidelines for more information.

Membership of the Special Interest Groups works through mailing lists. Anybody can subscribe or unsubscribe using the links below. Once you subscribed, you can send emails to the list that are then distributed among all members.

Please note the new Terms of Reference and the upcoming deadline of October 31st for applications for Special interest groups  and SIG funding.


We currently have the following Special Interest Groups:


The EHPS N-of-1 Special Interest Group (SIG) is for EHPS members with an interest in using n-of-1 methods in health psychology research.

The N-of-1 SIG is an online group – members of the group have access to a mailing list, which they can use to communicate with other members. For example, members can use the mailing list to discuss tips for best practice, ask questions, share experiences and learn about key methodological developments.

If you are an EHPS member, and would like to join the EHPS N-of-1 SIG, please subscribe here (N.B. you must subscribe in order to post messages). For more information about this group, contact the N-of-1 SIG lead, Dr Suzanne McDonald.