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The European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) is a professional organisation formed to promote empirical and theoretical research in and applications of health psychology within Europe as well as the interchange of information related to health psychology with other associations throughout the world.

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Four-day conferences are organized annually at locations across Europe. These provide a major opportunity to present one’s work, to get informed of developments in health psychology and to meet other health psychologists from Europe and beyond. About 800 participants attend every year.

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The EHPS produces six publications. Four of these are scientific, peer reviewer journals, and in addition, the EHPS produces a bimonthly bulletin/newsletter (the EHP) and a blog (PHP). Note: PHP, the EHP, HPBM and HPB are open access. To have access you will have to be logged in as a member of EHPS.

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Upcoming Conference

EHPS 2022



Hybrid Event, Bratislava, Slovakia and Online

Charting New Territories in Health Psychology

Articles & Announcements

Message from the EHPS

Dear members of the EHPS, dear friends, As the corona virus pandemic is afflicting, in different ways, all countries on our Planet and affecting the personal and professional lives of all of us, the EHPS Executive Committee would like to reach out to each one of you,...

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EHPS 2020 – Final submission deadline

The submission deadline for EHPS 2020 has been extended to the 14th of February, 2020 (all time zones). There will be no further extensions! For submission information visit: https://2020.ehps.net/submission 

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Synergy Expert Meeting at EHPS 2020

The annual Synergy Expert Meeting is organised to provide an opportunity for synergistic discussion between health psychologists conducting research in core fields within health psychology. The theme for 2020 will be: "All we know about physical activity and the...

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31 Oct. 2019 | EHPS Fellowship applications deadline
31 Oct. 2019 | Applications for Special Interest Groups deadline
23 Aug. 2021 | EHPS Online Scientific Meeting
Aug. 2022 | EHPS Conference 2022, Bratislava, Slovakia