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Open Science – SIG aims and upcoming events

The European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) Open Science Special Interest Group (SIG) was established in late December 2019, and in collaboration with the EHPS and other international organisations, we aim to:

Bring together health psychologists interested in Open Science behaviours

Share best practices/innovations in Open Science to health psychologists

Provide guidance and/or training on Open Science

Promote the role of health psychology for improving Open Science across disciplines

Liaise with organisations which promote Open Science

Encourage and reward replication and reproducibility within health psychology

Actions already made by this SIG

Organise regular webinars and EHPS conference events on Open Science training and research, available on YouTube and on our Open Science Framework page

Established an Annual Early Career Open Science Award

Conducted a research prioritisation exercise to determine the Top 5 prioritised research questions for Open Science in Health Psychology, available at Norris et al. 2022

Established an active SIG group of over 60 EHPS members

Developed a termly newsletter promoting Open Science developments, training and research. Click here to join our mailing list!
Established a dynamic network for sharing SIG news and Open Science opportunities, training and research
Awarded Best Open Science Initiative in the YERUN (Young European Research Universities Network) Open Science Awards 2021 https://yerun.eu/2022/02/yerun-open-science-awards-2021-congratulations-to-the-winners/

Open Science – Committee Details


Dr Elaine Toomey



Dr Emma Norris

United Kingdom


Dr Milou Fredrix
The Netherlands

Training Officer

Rory Coyne

Training Officer

Krishna Talsania
United Kingdom
Dr Sian Calvert
United Kingdom


Dr James Reynolds

United Kingdom


Dr James Green



Dr Alexandra Dima



Dr Sean Patrick Grant

United States


Dr Keegan Knittle



Matti Heino



Dr Joanna Brooks

United Kingdom

Newsletter Rep

Tugce Varol


Previous Committee Members

Social Media Lead

Dr Chris Noone



Dr Charlotte Pennington

United Kingdom

Open Science – Early Career Award

Previous Winners

Early Career Award 2022

Rory Coyne

University of Galway

Early Career Award 2021

Dr Charlotte Pennington

Aston University
The purpose of this bursary is to reward Open Science (also referred to as Open Research or Open Scholarship) practices by students in areas related to health psychology.
The deadline for applications is 5 pm Sunday 14th May 2023.
The EHPS Open Science SIG will award one Award to cover the cost of Early Bird Student conference fees for the 2023 EHPS Annual Conference (whether you plan to attend online or in-person).
Applicants must be:
A current student of any qualification stage (undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD) OR have completed their qualification within the last 12 months
A current EHPS member
Able to demonstrate using one or more Open Science principle within their research e.g pre-registered research, made their data/ code/materials open, pre-printed their work, used Open Science Framework etc.
Application Process:

Please complete the following Google Form by clicking here. The form requires:

A 250-word summary of why Open Science is important to you.

A 250-word summary of ONE Open Science practice that you are most proud of in your research e.g use of pre-registration, making your data and/or materials open, pre-print, using Open Science Framework etc

A 400-word summary of steps you are taking towards integrating Open Science into your current or future research (or teaching)

Up to 3 publicly accessible links to documentation/evidence in support of your summary. These may be links to documentation that evidence your use of Open Science within your research practice (such as links to pre-registration, Open Science Framework (OSF) pages, pre-analysis plans, data repositories, open data, open materials), or link to documentation that presents your research topic (such as the research publication or working paper) or innovation.

Your details including your EHPS membership number. Applications will only be considered from registered members of the EHPS (as per eligibility criteria).

Your consent for the information you provide to be processed for the purposes of the competition. Data will be destroyed after September 7th 2023.

All applications will be reviewed by two members of the EHPS OS SIG committee independently. Marks will be averaged across both reviewers. Where marks differ than more than 20%, a third reviewer will be involved and the marks will be averaged across three reviewers.

Applications will be marked out of 12 on evidence of applicant’s commitment to open science (5), impact of activities (5) and what sets your work in this area apart (2).

For any queries please contact elaine.toomey@universityofgalway.ie

Open Science – Training Events and Resources

Existing Open Science training:

Primers of the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN)

Centre for Open Science: Preregistration

PaPOR TraIL – Principles and Practices of Open Research

NUI Galway Open Science and Scholarship resources

Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training

Intro to Open Science:

Kathawalla, U-K., Silverstein, P., & Syed, M. (2021). Easing into open science: A guide for graduate students and their advisors. Collabra Psychology, 7(1).

Open Science Collaboration. (2015). Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science. Science, 349(6251).

ReproducibiliTea Introductory Reading List.

Open Science in Health Psychology & related fields:

Hagger, M. S. (2019). Embracing open science and transparency in health psychology. Health Psychology Review.

Norris, E., He, Y., Loh, R., West, R. & Michie, S. (2021). Assessing markers of reproducibility and transparency in smoking behaviour change intervention evaluations. Journal of Smoking Cessation

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Zečević, K., Houghton, C., Noone, C., Lee, H., Matvienko-Sikar, K., & Toomey, E. (2020). Exploring factors that influence the practice of Open Science by early career health researchers: a mixed methods study. HRB Open Research, 3.

Norris, E. & O’Connor, D. (2019). Science as behaviour: Using a behaviour change approach to increase uptake of open science. Psychology & Health.

O’Connor, D. B. (2020). The future of health behaviour change interventions: Opportunities for open science and personality research. Health Psychology Review, 14(1), 176-181.

Open Science in Health Psychology & related fields:

Norris, E., Prescott, A., Noone, C., Green, J., Reynolds, J., Grant, S. & Toomey, E. (2022). Establishing Open Science Research Priorities in Health Psychology: a research prioritisation Delphi exercise.