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‘Habit’ refers to a psychological process whereby, on encountering a situational cue, a person is automatically triggered to engage in a behaviour that they have grown to associate with that cue, through a history of cue-consistent repetition.
This special interest group (SIG) speaks to a common interest among EHPS members in the concept of habit and how it can be developed and applied to understand and change health behaviour. The group arose from a Synergy session at the 2019 European Health Psychology Society Conference in Croatia and became an official SIG in 2020. The group is administered via a mailing list and a Twitter/X account (@ehpshabit).

What are the aims of the Habit SIG?

To provide a structure that connects health psychology researchers interested in habitual behaviour and surrounding issues (definition, measurement, theory, application)
To provide a forum for generating, exchanging and debating new ideas and questions, as well as advertising relevant publications, events and endeavours that others might be interested in
To be a source of support and expertise for other researchers less involved in the habit area to ask questions and receive expert responses

How is the SIG organised?

The SIG is co-led by Drs Benjamin Gardner and Phillippa Lally (both at University of Surrey, UK).
The SIG meets at least twice a year – once at the EHPS conference, and once virtually. Communication among SIG members occurs through the year, via a mailing list and Twitter/X account.

How to get involved

To join the SIG mailing list, please email Dr Benjamin Gardner at benjamin.gardner@surrey.ac.uk. Follow us on Twitter/X at @ehpshabit.

Recent examples of our work

SIG-related publications to date include:
A piece for the European Health Psychologist announcing the purpose, aims and mission statement of the SIG:


A research agenda, setting out unanswered questions in habit theory and application to health contexts, generated via an EHPS Synergy expert workshop:


Recent SIG events:

Sept 2023: ‘Towards a taxonomy of habit change strategies.’ Workshop, EHPS Conference, Bremen, Germany.

May 2023: ‘Understanding habits in the real-world: New multidisciplinary insights’. Webinar with guest speakers.
Sept 2022: ‘Applying BCT taxonomies to habit change: Reflections on a review of habit formation interventions’. Seminar, EHPS Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Apr 2022: ‘Building good habits: Longitudinal studies of psychological factors and effortless goal attainment.’ Webinar with guest speaker.

Habit – Committee Details


Benjamin Gardner


Phillippa Lally

Events Officer

Barbara Mullan

Social Media Officer

Noora Hintsa

Communications Officer

Eike Buabang

Media Officer

Daniel Phipps