F A Q 

Here you’ll find a number of frequently asked questions.



  • I want more information on the grants. Where can I find this?
    Information on the grants in is the Membership Menu. For an overview, see this page.


  • I want to pay the membership for somebody else. How do I do this?
    You will have to log in using that other person’s account. They can change their password temporarily to something you both know by clicking the ‘My Account’ link (at the right-hand side when they’re logged in) and then clicking the ‘Edit’ tab.
  • I want to pay by bank transfer. How do I do that?
    Create a PayPal account. You can then link this account to your bank account, and then pay the EHPS membership by PayPal.
  • I want to pay by creditcard, not by Paypal. How do I do that?
    Please read the instructions when you request a membership. To pay by credit card, click “Don’t have a PayPal account?”, or whatever the bottom-most option is called in your language, on the PayPal website. PayPal is processing the payments, but you don’t need an account.
  • I want to print an invoice for my membership fee. Where can I find it?
    Please contact support@easyconferences.org who will assist you with your request.
  • We would like an invoice so that a number of staff members can pay at once, instead of everybody paying individually. Is that possible?
    No, unfortunately this is not possible. The costs of offering this as well (which boils down to running two administrations in parallel) are considerable (prohibitively so). All individuals will have to purchase/renew their memberships themselves, and then get reimbursed by their institution. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  • Will I get a confirmation of my membership status?
    Yes, you will get an e-mail confirming the renewal of your membership.
  • Where can I find the expiry date of my membership?
    Once logged on the website, go to My Account > My Subscriptions. The expiry date is indicated in the column Valid Until.


  • I want to change my password. How do I do this?
    Once you’re logged in, click ‘MY ACCOUNT’ . Then, click the ‘Edit’ tab and enter your new password.
  • I have forgotten my password, so I have requested a new password, but the email does not arrive. What can I do?
    Some email providers, such as Microsoft (e.g. Hotmail) are extremely diligent when it comes to blocking potential spam, frequently preferring to err on the side of caution rather than the other way around. Since these password emails are generated automatically, they may sometimes be mistaken for spam; and sometimes, the email provider blocks them even before they arrive in the junk/spam email folder. A quick solution is to use, for example, your professional email account (our membership office can help you to change the email account in your EHPS account), or to ask the membership office to set your password to something you specify, which will allow you to log in and then change your password to something only you know. We would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know if you do not receive emails, so that we can look into the matter and try to tweak the email content such that your email provider no longer considers it offending.


  • Where is the archive of newsletters?
    Both archives are in the ‘About the EHPS’ section of the website: the archive of regular newsletters is here and the archive of instant newsletters is here.
  • I want to change the frequency with which I receive emails to weekly (or never). Where do I change this?
    If you’re logged in, visit this page or click ‘My account’ (top-right). Then, click the ‘Notifications’ tab below your username/email address. Here, choose whether you would like to receive EHPS updates at most once a day; at most once a week; or never. Note that email is our primary communication channel, and therefore, we reserve the right to send some important communications through a different channel: those will be received by all EHPS members, but those will also be rare.


  • I want to read Psychology and Health or Health Psychology Review. How can I access them?
    Follow this link or click “Access EHPS journals” in the “Membership menu”.
  • Where can I find the European Health Psychologist?
    The EHP is at http://ehps.net/ehp.


    • Which aspect ratio should the slides for my oral presentation be?
      This depends on the conference venue. Most venues still use the 4:3 ratio that used to be the default in most slide creation programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote and LibreOffice Impress. However, the newer versions of these programs such as PowerPoint 2013 have 16:9 as the default slide proportions. When presenting 16:9 slides on 4:3 equipment, they will be ‘letterboxed‘, i.e., scaled down with a black bar above and under the slides. This means the slides will be 75% smaller, which means that text may become illegible and figures and tables may become too small to be sufficiently clearly visible to the audience:

      The conference organisation will strive to inform delegates of the ratio of the equipment at the conference venue well in advance of the conference, so make sure to check this before starting to make your presentation. For information about how to change the size of your slides, click here for Powerpoint, click here for Keynote, and click here for Impress. Note that in general, font sizes under 20 points are discouraged as they may render text illegible for audience members in the back.