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The EHPS is pleased to announce that applications for Conference/CREATE Workshop/Synergy Expert Meeting/Bring a Stakeholder grants are now open.
Deadline for grant applications: Monday 22nd May 2023

The purpose of the conference/workshop grants is to encourage talented researchers and graduate students who do not otherwise have access to funding to attend the EHPS conference and/or the CREATE workshop or Synergy Expert meeting.

EHPS Conference Grants

EHPS Conference grants are intended for graduate students and researchers who plan to attend the EHPS conference. Each grant is for a maximum of 900 euros toward conference registration, accommodation, and travel. Grant is contingent upon having a paper or a poster accepted for the conference.

Grant Selection Process

Please send your application electronically to the Grants Officer (

Applications will be reviewed by a committee led by the Grants Officer and with a Synergy reviewer and a CREATE reviewer.
Decisions on acceptance/rejection of submitted applications will be sent within three weeks after the deadline. A condition of funding is that successful awardees will be required to write an individual Conference report for potential publication in EHP. These awardee reports are to reflect on what was gained (academically and personally) through the EHPS Grant supported attendance.
The selection criteria are:
Relevance of the applicant’s work to the submitted abstract to the conference.
Clear demonstration of financial need.
Potential of the fund to promote the career/research work of the recipient at this particular time.
Application documents:
Please collate the following documents into ONE file (PDF) before submitting (please note, applications not received in the requested format will not be reviewed):
A one-page supporting letter, to include: the reasons for applying for the grant, your planned contribution to EHPS Conference and why this would be particularly beneficial to your career/research work at this time, and any background information relevant to your funding situation. Please indicate in your supporting letter if your abstract has been submitted or accepted for an oral or a poster presentation at the conference.
Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages).
Abstract of the paper or poster that has been submitted for the EHPS Conference.
For graduate students, proof of student status, such as a copy of your student ID.
An official statement from your employer or supervisor that no funding is being provided from the University or Institution and confirming the financial need.
An estimate of total expected expenses (including conference fee, accommodation and travel).
Precondition and expectations for receiving grants from the EHPS:
Candidates must be EHPS members when accepting the grant.
Grant recipients in the past three years are not eligible for application.
Grants cannot exceed the maximum amount of costs indicated above.
Candidates should give an estimate of their expenses upon application. Final reimbursement is based on the actual expenses per original receipts.
It will be expected that after the conference recipients submit a letter describing how the fund has supported their work.

A condition of funding is that successful awardees will be required to write a conference report for publication in EHP.

Grant Winners 2021

Matthias Aulbach, Finland

Georgina Wren, UK

Darlina Hani Fadil Azim, Malaysia

Simona Lysáková, USA

Grant Winners 2019

Alice le Bonniec, France

Eliza Ivanova, Bulgaria

Catrinel Craciun, Romania

Rebecca Skinner, Scotland

Grant Winners 2018

Rebecca Dalgetty, UK

Rebecca Webster, UK

Ksenia Eritsyan, Russia

Vasilis. S. Vasiliou, Cyprus

Grant Winners 2017

Periklis Papaloukas, UK/Greece

Louise Hall, UK

Laura Konig, Germany

Hazel Wolstenholme, Ireland

Grant Winners 2016

Anne Marie Plass, The Netherlands

Julie McLellan

Joanna Hudson

Elaina Taylor

Grant Winners 2014

Chris Keyworth, UK

Jane R Smith, UK

Fabio Biasotto Feitosa, Brazil

Daniela Dumulescu, Romania

Magdalena Lazarewicz, Poland 

Julian Wienert, Germany

Grant Winners 2013

Shue Ling Chong, Malaysia

Alyssa Milton, Australia

Cheneal Puljevic, South Africa

Naralia Liszewska, Poland

Hannah Dale, UK

Gudrun Sproesser, Germany