Special Interest Groups

Help individuals, families, and societies to better cope with life challenges related to illness and health, by promoting rigorous science, precise interventions, and close collaborations.

About SIGs

Special interest groups enable individuals with a shared interest to identify each other, exchange ideas and information and potentially establish collaborations. SIGs could include a focus on a specific illness or behaviour, an intervention technique/medium or a methodology.

Please read the guidelines for more information.

Membership of the Special Interest Groups works through mailing lists. Anybody can subscribe or unsubscribe using the links below. Once you subscribed, you can send emails to the list that are then distributed among all members.

SIG Current Groups

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SIG Leading Committee


Eline Smit


Laura Konig


Adriana Baban


Efrat Neter


Suzanne McDonald

United Kingdom

Pippa Lally

United Kingdom

Emma Norris


Elaine Toomey

United Kingdom

Benjamin Gardner


Jennifer Inauen

United Kingdom

Lucia Rehackova

How To Apply

If you are interested in establishing a Special Interest Group (SIG) within EHPS, follow these steps to submit your proposal for consideration:

Application for a SIGs

There will be two annual calls for new SIGs, in March and October. Any EHPS member, or group of members can propose a new SIG.

A written proposal should be submitted to the SIG Committee, and clearly indicate

The purpose of the SIG

Intended activities

Leading committee members

Demonstrate capacity to carry out the proposed activities and engage members, by
proposing adequate activities

Show how the SIG will contribute to the impact of EHPS in health psychology to
research and/or practice and/or policy & strategic goals of the EHPS

This proposal is assessed by the SIG Committee within 2 months of submission. The
assessment criteria for acceptance is

Topic does not overlap with other existing SIGs

Focus of the SIG is within the scope of EHPS

There is sufficient support showing the SIG will be regularly active and engage its
members (by e.g. proposing detailed and feasible activities)

Please note the deadline is October 31st for applications for special interest groups examples and SIG funding

Criteria for SIGs

To be supported by EHPS, the SIG is expected to run a minimum of activities per year
a) Organize at least one activity during the EHPS annual conference (e.g. SIG
meeting; symposium)
b) Organize at least one activity throughout the year, outside the EHPS conference
(e.g. webinar/Course)

Maintain regular contact with SIG members throughout the year (e.g. through enewsletter)

Annual report to be submitted every year to the SIG committee. A template will be
provided by the leading committee

Maintain a minimum of 15 members

Based on the annual report of these activities, the EHPS SIG Committee may recommend
dissolving a SIG usually due to low activity or low engagement