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Meet The Experts

“Meet The Experts” aims to facilitate interaction between early career and senior researchers in health psychology. Several “Meet The Experts” sessions are organised every year throughout the EHPS conference. These sessions are an opportunity for Early Career Researchers to meet, discuss, and network with senior researchers in health psychology in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Meet The Experts 2023

The CREATE committee is excited to announce this year’s ‘Meet The Experts’ (MTE) session at the EHPS Conference in Bremen!
These sessions provide a rare opportunity for early career researchers (ECR) to discuss their ideas and interact with experts – this year’s keynote speakers – in a relaxed environment. Each of the keynote speakers meets with a small group of ECRs during the conference to have a chat over coffee (or a different drink of choice 😉).

Learn more about this year’s experts here:

Register here before August 18th:

More practical information regarding the exact time, location and application procedure will be announced soon

Experts 2023

University of Zürich

Prof. Urte Scholz


Babes-Bolyai University

Prof. Adriana Baban


University of Erfurt

Prof. Cornelia Betsch


University of Mannheim

Prof. Jutta Mata


Previous Experts 2022

Urte Scholz (Switzerland)
Susan A. Murphy (US)
Falko Sniehotta (UK)
Zuzana Dankulincová (Slovakia)

Previous Experts 2019

Rona Moss-Moris (UK)

Antonia Lyons (New Zealand)

Mark Hatzenbuehler (US)

Previous Experts 2018

Molly Byrne (Ireland)
Alex Rothman (USA)
Jill Francis (UK)
Yael Benyamini (Israel)

Previous Experts 2017

Sherry Pagoto ( USA)
Fabio Lucidi ( Italy)
Rory O’Connor (Scotland)

Previous Experts 2016

Karina Davidson
Aleksandra Luszczynska
Marie Johnston

Previous Experts 2015

Ronan O’Carroll (UK)
Howard Friedman (USA)
JoAnne Dahl (Sweden)

Previous Experts 2014

Karen Rook (USA)
Suzanne Skevington (UK)
Ruut Veenhoven (The Netherlands)
Adrian Taylor (UK)

Previous Experts 2013

Mark Conner (UK)
Stan Maes (NL)
Niall Bolger (USA)
Crystal Park (USA)

Previous Experts 2012

Carol Ryff (US)
Kavita Vedhara (UK)
Charles Abraham (UK)
Johan Denollet (NL)

Previous Experts 2011

Christina Maslach (US)
Tracey Revenson (US)
Robbert Sanderman (NL)
Lucy Yardley (UK)

Previous Experts 2010

Michelle Fine (US)
Michael Murray (UK)
Suzanne Segerstrom (US)
Bas Verplanken (UK)

Previous Experts 2009

Linda Cameron (NZ)
Denise de Ridder (NL)
Robbert Sanderman (NL)
Paschal Sheeran (UK)
Lucy Yardley (UK)

Previous Experts 2008

Charles Abraham (UK)
Blair Johnson (US)
Ralf Schwarzer (DE)
Suzie Skevington (UK)
John Weinman (UK)

Previous Experts 2007

Michael Diefenbach (US)
Marie Johnston (UK)
Hannah McGee (IE)
Herman Schaalma (NL)
Wayne Velicer (US)