The EHPS is collaborating with other societies and organizations worldwide in the aim of improving health and facilitating wellbeing world-wide.

The Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (PCUN)


The Psychology Coalition of NGOs having consultative status with the UN ECOSOC (PCUN, ) is composed of representatives of psychology and psychology-related organizations that are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) accredited at the United Nations (UN) and those affiliated with United Nations departments, agencies and missions.

The EHPS, as a member of the PCUN, collaborates in the application of psychological principles, science, and practice to global challenges of the UN agenda. EHPS members participate in PCUN activities organised under different committees: advocacy, research, education and policy and program. All activities are guided by psychological knowledge and perspectives to promote human dignity, health, human rights, decent work, psychosocial well-being and positive mental health.

Many of the EHPS members actively engaged in PCUN activities participate in the Advocacy Committee. To help inform solutions to pressing global problems, the PCUN develops statements offering evidence-based positions on a range of issues relevant to the UN and its constituents. Each statement draws from psychology-related research and intervention strategies to expand readers’ understanding of complex issues, providing culturally sensitive positions and recommendations based on accepted findings from the science of psychology. These statements are available for download from the PCUN web site.
Other members of the EHPS are also involved in the programme committee and have been supporting the organization of the Psychology Day at the UN yearly event ( ). In the past years the EHPS has managed to have one of their members present at this event (e.g. Susan Michie, Molly Byrne, Ann DeSmet).

Here is a picture of the 15th Psychology Day at the United Nations on the 21st of April 2022:

Here is a picture of the 15th Psychology Day at the United Nations on the 21st of April 2022:

EHPS members at the PCUN:


Vera Araújo Soares


Irina Todorova


Efrat Neter