Help individuals, families, and societies to better cope with life challenges related to illness and health, by promoting rigorous science, precise interventions, and close collaborations.


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Membership Waiver Scheme

EHPS aims to be an inclusive Society. To better support current and new members, we are launching a Membership Waiver Scheme offering free one year membership on a first come first serve basis (up to the scheme budget of ‚ā¨3,000) to applicants who meet at least one of the following criteria:

Currently unable to join EHPS/renew membership due to financial pressure

Resident in a country with a lower number of EHPS members (any country other than the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Canada, the United States, Australia, France or Portugal)

Within 3 years of completing Health Psychology training


Currently on unpaid/reduced pay parental leave

To apply, please email indicating in <150 words (1) whether you wish to join EHPS or renew a current membership, (2) the membership grade you are applying for (full, reduced, in training, in training reduced) and (3) how you meet the criteria outlined.