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Innovative Initiatives Grants

This grant is intended to support collaboration across EHPS countries and members in their research endeavours, for example through collaborative scoping work, protocol development, grant idea generation/drafting, knowledge exchange or research training. It is expected that the Network will work towards a specified deliverable and timeline, and will produce a brief Report on their activity for the subsequent annual EHPS conference. One networking grant is available for a maximum of 5000 Euros.

Application Deadline: Monday 5th December 2022

Grant Selection Process

Please send your application electronically to the Grants Officer ( Decisions on acceptance/rejection of submitted applications will be acknowledged within 3 weeks of receipt.


Applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee comprised of: EC Grants Officer; a SYNERGY and a CREATE member.


Decisions on acceptance/rejection of submitted applications will be acknowledged within three weeks of receipt. A condition of funding is that successful awardees will be required to write an individual expert meeting report for potential publication in EHP. This report will be separate to any joint conceptual or methodological output produced by the Create or Synergy team. These awardee reports are to reflect on what was gained (academically and personally) through the EHPS Grant supported attendance.

The selection criteria are:

Coherence with the aim of the Networking Grants.

Relevance to the EHPS.

Scientific quality of the proposal.

Clear demonstration of financial need.

Potential of the fund to promote the career/research of the recipient at this particular time.

Application documents:

Please collate the following documents into ONE file (Microsoft Word or PDF) before submitting (please note, applications not received in the requested format will not be reviewed):

A one-page supporting letter, to include: the reasons for applying for the grant, your planned contribution to EHPS networking and why this would be particularly beneficial to your career/research at this time, and any background information relevant to your funding situation.

A project (max 3 sides A4) including the relevance and aims of the project, the methodology, the expected results, a description of the collaborating parties and of their role in the project, and an estimate of total expected expenses.

Short Curriculum Vitae of each proponent (max 500 words each).

An official statement from your employer or supervisor that no funding is being provided from the University or Institution and confirming the financial need.

Precondition and expectations for receiving grants from the EHPS:

Candidates must be EHPS members when accepting the grant.

Grant recipients in the past three years are not eligible for application.

Grants cannot exceed the maximum amount of costs indicated above.

Candidates should give an estimate of their expenses upon application. Final reimbursement is based on the actual expenses per original receipts.

It will be expected that after the conference/workshop/Expert meeting recipients submit a letter describing how the fund has supported their work.

A condition of funding is that successful awardees will be required to write a project report for publication in EHP.

Grant Winners 2021

Matthias Aulbach, Finland

Eline Smit

Heide Busse

Ann deSmet

Cindy Forbes

Dorothy Szinay

Claire McCallum

Sebastian Potthoff

Leah Bührmann

Grant Winners 2016

Gertraud Stadler, Scotland

Grant Winners 2015

Emma Massey, The Netherlands

Grant Winners 2011

Catrinel Craciun, Romania

Raluca Lucacel, Romania

Susanne Wurm, Germany

Julia K. Wolff, Germany

Lisa M. Warner, Germany

Annabelle Couillandre, France

Cécile Bazillier, France

Andrea Greco, Italy

Dario Monzani, Italy

Grant Winners 2010

Benjamin Schüz, Germany

Richard Cooke, UK

Guido van Koningsbruggen, The Netherlands

Peter Harris, UK

Urte Scholz, Switzerland