Help individuals, families, and societies to better cope with life challenges related to illness and health, by promoting rigorous science, precise interventions, and close collaborations.

About Create

CREATE (Collaborative Research And Training in the EHPS) is the early career researcher subdivision of the EHPS. We aim to connect and support European researchers at the start of their academic career in a handful of ways

Activities Of Create

To support ERCs in health psychology and to foster international collaboration, we organise a range of training and networking opportunities for CREATE members:


We organise an interactive workshop each year, which typically lasts two days and takes place before the EHPS conference. These workshops are organised by the CREATE committee and facilitated by prominent experts within the field of health psychology. Our CREATE workshops aim to enhance knowledge and skills of participants on the workshop’s topic. We also offer a range of networking opportunities for participants across the two days. Topics vary every year and can include current developments in health psychology theory and research as well as more practical issues, such as submitting papers to journals, methodological issues, advances in literature databases, or giving oral presentations.

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Meet The Expert

“Meet the Experts” aims to facilitate interaction between ECRs and senior researchers in health psychology. Several “Meet the Experts” sessions are organised every year throughout the EHPS conference. These sessions are an opportunity for Early Career Researchers to meet, discuss, and network with senior researchers in health psychology in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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Alongside the pre-conference workshops and Meet the Experts sessions, CREATE also regularly facilitates webinars. These are short informational sessions on topics that are relevant to early career researchers within health psychology.

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Each year, we host two early career researchers to attend our workshop.

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