C O N T A C T 


If you would like to contact the EHPS, please use these email addresses:

  • For queries related to membership, please contact our Membership Officer at membership@ehps.net;
  • For queries related to grants, please contact our Grants Officer at grants@ehps.net;
  • For general queries, please contact our secretary at secretary@ehps.net;
  • For messages to distribute among the EHPS members, please contact our Communications Officer at communication@ehps.net *

* The EHPS are happy to communicate conferences, calls for submissions/abstracts, job postings and any other communications relevant to our society on behalf of our members.  Below are some guidelines to ensure that we continue to communicate effectively with our members.

Communication Guidelines

  1. If members wish to post a notice – these should be sent to the communications officer  communication@ehps.net
  2. All received notices will be sent out weekly, every Monday, by the Communications Officer.  The deadline by which the Communications officer must receive the notice is on the previous Friday to ensure that the notice is sent out on the following Monday.
  3. Notices submitted by the originator should be clear and state the Title of the notice, the detail and the deadline should be within the body text of the notice.  The EHPS will not take responsibility for formatting notices, checking deadlines, misspellings, etc.
  4. The distribution of notices will be at the discretion of the Communications Officer.  If it is felt that the communication is not relevant or not appropriate to our members, then it may not be distributed.
  5. Reminder notices will not be sent out automatically by the Communications Officer. If you wish to extend deadlines or reminders you will have to notify the Communications Officer to distribute the notices again.