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EHPS Innovative Initiatives Grant – Application Deadline Friday 26th January 2024

Dec 19, 2023

The EHPS is pleased to announce the 2024 Innovative Initiatives Grant funding scheme. The EHPS Innovative Initiatives Grant is intended to support collaboration across EHPS countries and members in their research endeavours, for example through collaborative scoping work, protocol development, grant idea generation/drafting, knowledge exchange or research training. The aim is to create research synergies between EHPS members and achieve innovative outcomes that advance the field of health psychology. It is expected that the application is submitted by at least one EHPS member who is the grant coordinator.

It is expected that the applicant(s) will work towards a specified deliverable and timeline, and will produce a brief report on their activity for the upcoming annual EHPS conference. One Innovative Initiatives Grant is available for a maximum of 5000 Euros.

Grant selection process: 

Proposals will be evaluated by a Selection Committee comprised of: the EHPS Grants Officer; a Synergy member and a CREATE member. It is expected that applicant(s) will be informed of the outcome 1 month following the deadline.

Selection criteria include:

  • Coherence with the aims of the Innovative Initiatives Grants
  • Relevance and impact of the work to the EHPS and the applicant(s)
  • Scientific quality of the proposal including the extend that the idea is excellent and innovative and the implementation plan is concrete and
  • Appropriateness of the requested resources and their relevance to the proposed work

Timeline of activities:

All activities need to be completed within 12 months.

Please visit the grants section of the EHPS website for more information about the application procedure.  Potential applicants can contact the EHPS Grants Officer with questions on and

Angelos Kassianos, EHPS Grants Officer