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The board of the Danish Health Psychology Society

Part of the Danish Psychological Association

In Denmark, the Danish Health Psychology Association represents Health Psychology at the national level. Health Psychology Practitioners work in a broad range of areas, including private practice and hospital departments. Research in the field of Health Psychology is conducted both at the psychological departments at the Universities, but also at other health-related multidisciplinary research institutions.

Danish Health Psychology Society (Dansk Sundhedspsykologisk Selskab);

Danish Psychological Association (Dansk Psykolog Forening),

The Universities in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg offer bachelor and master degrees in psychology. As part of this education, they may offer courses in Health Psychology. After having earned a Master’s degree, a psychologist can attain public authorization by performing practical work and undergoing supervision. In addition to the Master’s degree and authorization, the Danish Psychological Association has developed a number of specialist degrees as complementary courses. The specialist degree in Health Psychology (children and adults) focuses primarily on psychological aspects in relation to somatic illness and health promotion.

There are no specific funding agencies for the field of health psychology. Funding agencies in Denmark can be found here:

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