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Support the EHPS to deliver its aim of helping individuals, families, and societies to better cope with life challenges related to illness and health, by promoting rigorous science, health promotion interventions, and close collaborations.

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Jennifer Inauen

University of Bern

In Switzerland, health psychology is part of the university bachelor's and master's program in psychology. Additionally, there are postgraduate programs (Certificate or Master's of Advanced Studies in Health Psychology), which are offered in the French and German speaking parts of the country. The Swiss Society for Health Psychology (SGGPsy - SSPsyS - SSPSIS,, was founded in 1997, and promotes health psychology research and practice in Switzerland. The SGGPsy is part of the national-level Federation of Swiss Psychologists. Health Psychologist is one of five nationally recognized and regulated psychological professions. There is also a nationally recognized professional expert title in health psychology that can be acquired with the respective postgraduate training.

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Swiss National Science Foundation
Gesundheitsfoerderung Schweiz

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