A B O U T 

The annual Synergy Expert Meeting is organised to provide an opportunity for synergistic discussion between health psychologists conducting research in core fields within health psychology. The focus is on advancing the standard of work within the field by pooling expertise, sharing critical evaluations, and stimulating networking and collaborative research between researchers from all over Europe in an informal and supportive atmosphere. The aim is to develop improved theoretical and methodological approaches, as well as practical applications in respect of the Synergy Expert Meeting topic. It is an opportunity for researchers to present their research for discussion in depth with other experts working in the same field in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. By focusing on a core topic on which all participants have some expertise and have conducted research (published and unpublished), we would expect to reach a shared understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the area. We hope that this will influence future research and its application in the field.

Synergy was founded in 2002, and in 2012, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. The Synergy Board was founded in 2009 (before then, Synergy was organised by two local organisers every year).

For further information please contact: synergy@ehps.net