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Elections to the Executive Committee of the EHPS 2022-2024

Aug 4, 2022


The term of the current EHPS Executive Committee (EC) will expire in August 2022, and in accordance with the Articles and Bylaws of the Society, we have recently sought your nominations for election to positions on the Executive Committee.

Nomination Results

We have received three eligible nominations – one each for the role of President Elect, the role of Treasurer and the role of Ordinary Member. Therefore, in accordance with our Bylaws, no election will take place for these positions and the nominated candidates are deemed elected.

The newly elected candidates are:

David French (United Kingdom) – President-Elect
Michael Kilb (Germany) – Treasurer
Angelos Kassianos (Cyprus) – Ordinary Member

The term of office of the new EC will begin at the end of the Members’ Meeting which will take place at the EHPS 2022 conference in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Each new candidate has introduced himself in a personal statement, so that members are familiar with their background and their view of their contribution to the development of the EHPS and of health psychology in Europe.

In addition to the newly elected members, there are five continuing EC members:

Wendy Hardeman (UK/Netherlands)– President
Evangelos Karademas (Greece) – Past President
Noa Vilchinsky (Israel) – Secretary
Julia Allan (UK) – Membership Officer
Dominika Kwasnicka (Poland/Australia) – Ordinary Member/National Delegates Officer

We wish to thank all members who have contributed to the nomination process by proposing and seconding nominations and most of all to those who have agreed to stand for election and volunteered to join the EC and contribute to the EHPS. On behalf of the EC, we would like to encourage you all to become involved in the Society and contribute to the promotion of Health Psychology through your activities.

Evangelos Karademas, EHPS President