Max Yasuo Shimizu

Affiliation: International Christian University, College of Liberal Arts
3-10-2 Osawa Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8585 Japan

Together with the establishment of the Japanese Association of Health Psychology (JAHP) in 1988, health psychology has been recognized as an academic field for more than two decades in Japan. The numerous academic initiatives and activities organized by JAHP is indicative of health psychology’s status as a growing field in Japan.

Although EHPS is primarily a Europe-based society, JAHP seeks to extend its international networks with other health psychology associations, and is as such highly keen to collaborate and communicate with health psychology researchers in Europe so as to bridge knowledge between the east and the west.

National Associations:

The Japanese Association of Health Psychology (JAHP) is the national organisation of health psychology in Japan. Founded in 1988, JAHP has 2,654 registered members (as of March 2012). The Japanese Journal of Health Psychology (kenkoshinrigakukenkyu), JAHP’s flagship journal, publishes biannually in both Japanese and English. Other publications include Health Psychologist (JAHP’s official bulletin), the Dictionary of Health Psychology for Japanese users and a series on the basics of health psychology (kenkoshinrigakukisosiriizu).

JAHP hosts the Japanese Health Psychology Conference that is held every year. In addition to activities related to the spurring of high quality in and application of health psychology, JAHP also strives towards the professionalization of health psychologists and increase of communication between its members.

Link to webpage: http://jahp.wdc-jp.com/english/index.html

Link to JAHP’s publications: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/jahp

Education, training and professionalisation:

JAHP implements an annual qualification examination for health psychologists. Holders of this qualification are recognised as health psychologists in Japan. Three levels (beginner, middle and advanced) are offered as part of this qualification examination.

At the graduate level, three universities in Japan offer a Master of Science degree programme in Health Psychology; namely Bunka Gakuen University, J.F.Oberlin University and Osaka University of Human Sciences.


Apart from the Japanese Journal of Health Psychology, JAHP also provides financial support to research groups that are selected by a committee annually.